Track Revenue tokens

Please use the following tokens to pass additional information to your Offer, Landing Page and Post Back URLs. Track Revenue will automatically replace the tokens with the corresponding value.

[[subid]] SUBID_TOKEN used for tracking conversions (See Tracking Conversions section above)
[[cpc]] Cost per Click
[[cost]] Cost per interaction (CPC or CPA)
[[amt]] Conversion amount (see below for more advanced usage)*
[[device_mf]] Device manufacture
[[device_name]] Device name
[[device_model]] Device model
[[device_type]] Device type
[[device_os]] Device OS
[[isp]] Internet Service Provider
[[countryName]] Country Name
[[countryCode]] Country Code (ISO Code)
[[cityName]] City Name
[[stateRegion]] State or Region
[[cid]] Campaign ID of the current campaign
[[c1]] Custom Token 1
[[c2]] Custom Token 2
[[c3]] Custom Token 3
[[c4]] Custom Token 4
[[c5]] Custom Token 5
[[c6]] Custom Token 6
[[c7]] Custom Token 7
[[c8]] Custom Token 8
[[c9]] Custom Token 9
[[c10]] Custom Token 10

*[[amt]]: We now enable third party postbacks to include an initial level of calcuation.

For instance, adding a * to the amt token '[[amt]]*1.2', would take the original [[amt]] and multiply it by 1.2.
Only 1 operator is allowed from multiplication(*), addition(+), and subtraction(-).
Any invalid characters will be default to the original [[amt]] with whatever inputs the original postback url has.


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