How to Upgrade a Campaign to Version 2.1


Any new campaigns created after the release will be 2.1 campaigns.  Any existing campaigns will not change. You can choose to upgrade them within campaign management. Just look for the "Upgrade Link" button next to the campaign URL.  

The button looks like this:  

Even though 2.0 campaigns continue to work, upgrading them to 2.1 will allow your campaigns to take advantage of new and upcoming features.


How to know if a campaign is upgraded 2.1 or still 2.0?

Links for 2.0 and 2.1+ are slightly different.  Below is a comparison of the inks to help you determine whether or not you are using which link.

Also, 2.1+ landing pages require a tracking.js file hosted by Track Revenue; and 2.0 landing pages use a downloaded tracking.php file you host yourself.

Comparison Chart illustrating what campaign links look like between the 2 versions:


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Read about the full announcement.

Everything you need to know about the upgrade to Version 2.1 is here.


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