How to Test Fire A Conversion - without Landing Page

Test Fire A Conversion (without Lander)


Before you begin.  

In the software, upper right hand corner " ? " icon, is the the help section.  Click “Tracking Conversions" and look for the link within "Postback Method”.

The Post Back URL allows you to submit a link to your Affiliate Network or Advertiser, allowing a third party tracking system to track your conversions.

The Affiliate Network or Advertiser needs to place this "Tracking Pixel" in their system before any conversions can be tracked. Until this is completed, stop here.

Step 1.  

Locate your Campaign URL and open it in a new private browser tab; recommend using Mozilla Firefox private browsing window with Live HTTP Headers.  You will be directed to the offer page.


Step 2.  

Notice within your Offers URL which c-token (is it c1, c2, c3, etc.) you are passing the [[subid]]. In this example we will use c2=[[subid]].

In Live HTTP Headers, look for the offer URL domain, and you will see the c-token.  

Copy/paste the alpha numeric in BOLD RED (starting from after "c2=...").

if link is like this:

you copy/paste this onto a notepad:

Next, click on the offer link on the Offer page to complete the conversion.


Step 3.  

Open an incognito (Chrome) or private (Mozilla) window. 

For the purpose of this example, you would submit this link “” and append the Affiliate Network’s token accordingly.

For this example, you would apply the BOLD alpha numeric from the second step and would get the following URL. “”.


Step 4.
Final step, is to verify on the stats page that conversion has been logged. To do this you can click on the “Stats” icon on the campaign edit page or proceed to the "Statistics" tab on the far left side of the screen where you will see a subcategory called “Campaign Statistics”. If you see a new lead, that means that Affiliate Network should also have seen the conversion, and the tracking pixel is working.




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