How to setup a campaign

How to setup a campaign



Set up a campaign with offers, landing pages.  We will not cover redirects or postbacks in this tutorial, since there is a separate tutorial for those functions.   




Campaigns / Campaign Management


Click “Create Campaign”


Tabs you will see are

  • Configuration - where you enter the name, traffic cost, and other settings

  • Offers - where you add offers

  • Landing Pages - where you add landers

  • Redirects - where you set redirect rules

  • Postbacks - where you add postbacks




Direct Link or Landing Page

“Direct link” directs audience straight to the offer.

“Landing Page” directs audience to the Lander before the Offer. Enabling “Landing Page” will open the Landing Page tab.


This is where you name your campaign.  You may use anything you like, although many customers usually include country code, offer, traffic source, traffic pricing model, device target, etc.

Example: US - CandyCrush [Google Adwords - CPC] Android

Campaign URL

This is an auto-generated campaign link.  This is the link that you will send to your traffic source.

Cost Tracking

Enter your static traffic cost.

CPC: Cost per click

CPA: Cost per action

RevShare: Cost as % of revenue

CPM: Do not track

If you want to track dynamic traffic cost, contact your Account Executive to activate this feature.  Make sure that your traffic source can pass the cost amount per click as a c-token.


We recommend that you buy some domains, and CNAME them to our tracking domains.  Enter your domains into Track Revenue Settings / Tracking Domains.

Once setup, select which tracking domain you want to use for that campaign.

Campaign Group

This is where you can categorize the business vertical of the campaign.  You can setup these groups at Track Revenue Settings / Campaign Groups.

Traffic Source

Select your traffic source.  

If this is a new traffic source, enter the c-tokens that need to be passed. These tokens will be saved for the next time you select this traffic source.


This is the user account who will be managing this campaign.  You can use this to assign a contact person, and also to calculate commissions later.

Landing Page Expiration

Sets how long the lander will expire after the initial visit to the lander. After expiration, revisits will arrive directly to the offer (skipping the lander).

Usually game apps will be longer expiration, and utility apps will be shorter expiration (based on user behavior). Also, more aggressive ads should use shorter expiration.

Time Zone

The campaign time zone is by default the same as the user’s time zone (found in upper right corner at clock icon).  The assign the campaign time zone, select the time zone desired.

This is important especially when running international campaigns and using day-parting features.

Block/Filter URL

Assigns block or filter URL rules specific to this campaign.

LP/Offer Rotation by IP

Settings:         [Off]         [Rotate Evenly]        [Strict Ordering]

To serve audience multiple offers or landers.

Rotate Evenly: Evenly rotates all the offers and landers you set up.

Strict Ordering: Serves offers and landers in order, according to your set up.  

1st visit: direct to  Lander 1, direct to Offer 1

2nd visit: direct to Lander 2, direct to Offer 2

3nd visit: direct to Lander 3, direct to Offer 3

(up to 50 maximum)

Offline Tracking

Used for Pay-Per-Call campaigns or other offline campaigns. This function will generate a pixel, which you would place on the offline conversion tracking software, such as call tracking software.

Hide Referrer

Hides the referrer from being passed to advertiser.



Add existing Offer

Search for existing offer saved in Offer Management.

Add new offer

Add new offer to this campaign. This new offer will automatically be saved to Offer Management.

Landing Pages


Add existing Lander

Search for existing lander saved in Offer Management.

Add new Lander

Add new lander to this campaign. This new lander will automatically be saved to LP Management.




Reminder & Conclusion


Always test your campaigns after you are done creating.  Copy Campaign URL and test it on browser.


If you need further assistance, contact your Account Executive.




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