Rule-based Offer & Lander Rotation

Take control of your ads
You can have control of which ad to display the 1st visit, 2nd visit, up to the 50th visit your audience visits your placement.  

Capture secondary conversions
Sometimes your traffic might not convert on the 1st ad.  Show them a different ad on their 2nd visit, and next visit, until they finally convert.  This feature captures revenue that would otherwise be lost to non-conversion.  Users who take advantage of their feature have been found to increase their ROI and EPC.

Step by step

1.   Go to Campaigns / Campaign Management / Edit Campaign.

2.   Make sure you have entered multiple Offers.

3.   Make sure you have entered multiple Landers.

4.   Turn on "LP/Offer Rotation by IP" in the Edit Campaign / Configuration tab.
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.58.13 PM.png

The dropdown selection:    -Off-      -Rotate evenly-      -Strict Ordering-


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